Our work is driven by enthusiasm and a passion for people. We offer quirky and outside-the-box thinking that is focussed on delivering tailored solutions.We aspire to open up how people think; challenging assumptions and providing new ways of "doing" management and employment.

  • Illumination

     ~ Bright, clear & insightful 

  • Intelligent

     ~ Knowledgable & experienced 

  • Innovative

    ~ Creative & passionate

  • Integrity

    ~ Honest & ethical


Our name is based on what Foucault said about houses and lamps not being the only works of art; our lives should be just as carefully and aesthetically crafted. We took the word 'lamp' and made it a verb. We don’t just think, we do. Good research leads to effective action.


Current Projects
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Mandi Baker, PhD 

Mandi Baker is a researcher and lecturer with a special interest in organised outdoor experiences, youth, community development, employment and management practices, recreation and leisure. Mandi has many years of experience working in camps, charity and outdoor education organisations in Canada and Australia. Her work explores everyday work experiences through sociological concepts to offer fresh insights and innovative solutions to employability, leadership and education.

Wendy O'Brien, PhD

Wendy O’Brien is an adjunct lecturer and interdisciplinary sociologist working within the Griffith Business School. Her research interests include mental health, women’s well-being, active embodiment, volunteers in sport and communities of practice in higher education. She has presented papers at international conferences and published research papers and book chapters in these areas.

The Crew

Sometimes we need to bring in a little extra help. We are networked with scholars across a number of fields of study so can call on the help of experts if we ever get stumped. We are also (and perhaps most importantly) supported by a crew of family and friends who also lend their expertise in business, industry, life and keeping it "real." 



Blue Mountains, NSW

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