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This study seeks to understand the affective abilities required to be an outdoor leader in the field. It will gather insight from a series of case studies and involve new graduates, experienced outdoor leaders, employers/managers, and sector leaders across Australia. 

This study will use field observations, in combination with focus groups and surveys, to explore affective abilities ‘in the field.’ By approaching this study from several perspectives, we will gain a ‘big picture’ view about the perceptions and proficiency of affective abilities in the outdoor recreation field nationally. 

The latest thinking on affective abilities and those key skills most linked to effective outdoor experience delivery,

• Insights into how affective abilities can be identified and assessed (supporting recruitment and training activities within your organisation into the future),

• A tailored organisational affective abilities value assessment (recognising that every organisation/site has its own unique goals, clients and culture - therefore affective abilities that are prioritised should align), and

• An assessment of the affective abilities of your staff (staff profile, compared against national benchmarks).

The research team now invites Expressions of Interest from the outdoor sector to participate in this next phase of the study. 

  • $5,500 - based on 15 staff involved 

  • The exact involvement of staff numbers and desired outcomes can be negotiated with the researcher. 

  • Staff time - meeting with project leader for 2-4 hours over three days* 

  • *The study will be tailored around specific staff members you wish to involve in the study (e.g., all staff, trainees, managers, etc.) so may cost and time may vary depending on total numbers.

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